Commercial Door Systems has been manufacturing Fiberglass and Aluminum doors since 1988. We expanded our offerings to incorporate Smooth Aluminum skins and natural feel and look composite woodgrain skins, to provide one of the most expansive product offerings within the Fiberglass Door Industry. CDS is proud to manufacture the strongest fiberglass door panel available today. Our primary focus is the educational, institutional and commercial markets. Our goal will always be to provide you, our customer, with an aesthetically pleasing door system with the strength and integrity to stand the test of time.



  • 1988 – CDS produces its first FRP door
  • 1991 – F200 Narrow Stile Door debuts
  • 1995 – CDS goes nationwide
  • 1996 – Flush aluminum face sheets are offered
  • 1997 – CDS goes international
  • 1999 – CDS moves to Bensalem, PA
  • 2000 – Extensive independent testing proves CDS FRP doors to be the strongest FRP door manufactured
  • 2001 – CDS produces flag door in honor of 9/11 victims
  • 2009 – CDS expands the Bensalem factory
  • 2013 – CDS celebrates its 25th anniversary!
  • 2015 – Senneca Holdings acquires CDS



CDS Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) door panels include an Aluminum mortise and tenon mainframe system which incorporates a 6” head rail in every door model. This combined with the head and foot tie rod system creates the strongest door panel in the industry today.