The following Commercial Door Systems products are now GREENGUARD GOLD certified: F200, F300, F500, F500HD and the F600. GREENGUARD GOLD Certification includes health based criteria for additional chemicals and requires lower total VOC emissions levels to ensure that products are acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. Certified products must also comply with requirements of the State of California's Department of Public Health "Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers, Version 1.1 (2010)"


LEED is recognized internationally as the standard green building certification system. It was started by The U.S. Green Building Council. On their website, they provide tips for building professionals, and the steps to achieve LEED membership. Commercial Door Systems contributes in the effort to help their customers to achieve LEED certification on their building projects by supplying a LEED letter for their customers to help them clearly calculate their LEED points on materials used.

  Link to LEED Letter


Commercial Door Systems chooses suppliers that are short in distance to our manufacturing plant. We believe that by shortening the driving distance of the suppliers, we are helping to reduce not only energy costs, but also helping to save the environment in the effort to clean up air quality. At Commercial Door Systems, we believe this can be done by promoting less travel. By keeping the distance of our suppliers short in mileage, it also helps our customers to receive LEED credits. These are credits needed in order to earn LEED certification on a building project.